Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Summer in Ireland

Let me start off by apologizing for not posting more often.  The reasons are a mix of not getting out birding as often as I'd like and also some dissatisfaction with the quality of my photos.  I really miss my DSLR and long lenses, something that I hope to fix in 2015.
But I have been out a few times these last months.  I'm going to post some of the better photos, or better birds, that I've seen.

Yellowhammer - Co. Fingal, Ireland

Willow Warbler
Willow Warbler - Carton Ave, Maynooth, Ireland

Browncap - Carton Ave, Maynooth, Ireland

Dipper - Rye Water, Leixlip, Ireland

Robin - Leixlip, Ireland

Swallows - Cork, Ireland

Black-Tailed Godwit
Black-Tailed Godwit - Cork, Ireland

Little Grebe and Eggs
Little Grebe and nest - Castletown Demesne, Ireland

Ruddy Turnstone
Ruddy Turnstone - Sandycove, Co. Dublin, Ireland

Eurasian Oystercatcher
Eurasian Oystercatcher - Sandycove, Co. Dublin, Ireland

Dunlin - Juvenile
Dunlin - Merrion Strand, Co. Dublin, Ireland

Sandwich Terns, Black-Headed Gulls, Oystercatchers, Greater and Lesser Black-Backed Gulls
Sandwich Terns - Merrion Strand, Co. Dublin, Ireland

Ringed Plovers and
Ringed Plover and Oystercatches - Merrion Strand, Co. Dublin, Ireland

Black Swan and Trumpeter Swan
Escapee Black Swan and Mute Swan - Swords Estuary, Ireland

Meadow Pipit
Meadow Pipit - Rogerstown Estuary, Co. Fingal, Ireland

Common Tern
Common Tern, Pre-dive - Rogerstown Estuary, Co. Fingal, Ireland

Reed Bunting
Reed Bunting (female) - Rogerstown Estuary, Co. Fingal, Ireland

Stonechat - Rogerstown Estuary, Co. Fingal, Ireland
Hopefully I can get better camera gear by next summer and get some better quality photos to post. Winter migration is well underway and the wintering ducks and geese should be showing up soon, I've already seen a Brent Goose.  And I've been trying to see a Northern Wheatear before they leave, but they have been my nemesis bird this Summer.  I've dipped on them at least 10 times.

I have other photos up on my Flickr Page, feel free to head over and see what else I've seen and some non-bird photos of Ireland.



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  1. Wow, if it weren't for those orange legs, that Ruddy Turnstone would just vanish! Some good shots in that bunch.